Standard Quality Assurance

ROHS standard value specification and ISO 9001 quality certification

The rise of circular economy issues, Yu Ching Plastics has continued to pay attention to green materials and carbon reduction issues in recent years, and requires all products to comply with EU ROHS standard value specifications or comply with environmental protection and green energy recycling, and has also obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification. Yu Ching Plastic has more than 40 years of professional production experience, reducing waste and waste from design to mass production.

Recycling Marine Waste

Changing the public’s perception that plastic waste cannot be recycled

Yu Ching Plastics and Plastics Industry Development Center has cooperated in recycling fishing nets to apply the blow molding technology.

Marine waste affects the marine environment. Yu Ching Plastics recycles fishing nets. The granulating mill will collect, break, wash, and granulate the nets, and then design and manufacture the products. By trial and error, it finally finished the marine waste products, and has been verified and approved for "Plastic Recycling Material Traceability Verification" by the Plastic Industry Development Center. 

Yu Ching Plastics has been working hard in the field of marine waste recycling plastic products. It also hopes to use its own capabilities and combine them with the strength of government to accomplish the concept of sustainable material product development.