Manufacturing Equipment

Fulfill Requirements

We have a variety of blow molding machines, including standard, large-scale, and dual-color models, which allow us to flexibly meet our clients' needs.
Not only there are no significant limitations when it comes to product size, but also fulfill clients' requirements for product appearance.

Our standard blow molding machines are suitable for a wide range of usual-sized products, providing high efficiency and stable production capacity. For larger products, we have large-scale blow molding machines that can handle bigger sizes while ensuring production efficiency and quality. Additionally, we offer dual-color blow molding machines capable of producing products with two colors, catering to clients' special requirements for product aesthetics.

Whether it's standard, large-scale, or dual-color blow molding machines, we maintain a high level of technical expertise and precise operation to ensure the quality and accuracy of each product. We firmly believe that by providing a diverse range of blow molding machine options, we can meet the needs of different clients and offer flexibility and creativity in product size and appearance.

Size is Not an Obstacle​

We have introduced large-scale equipment to facilitate the production of products in various shapes and sizes. We have produced products as small as 5 centimeters and as large as 1 meter 8 centimeters.

Unlimited Customization​

We collaborate with multiple firms and industry peers to provide customization at every process, including printing, metal processing, and more. By enhancing our industry expertise and fostering diverse product extensions, we strive to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients.