Material Processment

Due to the differences in the molding processes, the characteristics and performance requirements of the plastic materials used are also different.

Blow Molding requires thermoplastic materials with certain expandability and plasticity. Injection Molding requires plastic materials with good flowability and melt stability.

Virgin Materials

Characteristics: Stable quality, versatile application.
Pros: High quality, excellent performance.
Cons: High resource consumption, higher cost.

 Recycled Materials

Characteristics: Environmental friendliness, resource reuse.
Pros: Waste reduction, energy conservation.
Cons: Variable quality, limited applicability.
(We have overcome the cons of recycled materials through our technological advancements.)

Marine Debris Materials

Characteristics: Environmental conservation, ocean cleanup.
Pros: Reduces ocean plastic pollution, and raises awareness.
Cons: Varying quality, higher cost.